Keep Your Kids Safe While They Are Online
UncategorizedMonday November 5th, 20180

Keep your kids safe while they are online

Kids are increasing getting more involved in online activities today. Among their most popular activities are gaming, school work, and social media networking. Every child has the ability and power to succeed. Every parent, family member or caregiver can help the child to succeed. The question now is how do you help you kid to succeed? As our child …

GoSat Commercial team meets farmers in Yaounde
UncategorizedMonday July 9th, 20180

GoSat Commercial team meets farmers in Yaounde

  GoSat, the innovative high speed internet solution for professionals and individual users is growing and no expanding its coverage to Cameroun’s center region. For that occasion, our commercial went to Yaounde to meet companies and farmers and present our solution. Therefore, the team attended the largest agricultural trade fair of Came …

Will France win the world cup in Russia
UncategorizedThursday July 5th, 20180

Will France win the world cup in Russia?

 Afrikanet roots for France at Russia 2018 World cup   We love football here at Afrikanet, and we hope that many people Africa are able to follow the 2018 edition of the world cup thanks to our satellite connection. Here is the review of the journey of our favourite team to win France national team had a relatively slow start in the group C of th …

Footprint In Yabassi
UncategorizedWednesday March 7th, 20180

GoSat’s footprint in Yabassi

    On the 23 rd of January 2018, in Yabassi, the team GoSat has installed internet connection to our new customer, the company “ COMPLEX LA PAIX  PLUS’ SARL.”     Yabassi is a town  in the Western Department of Cameroon and is situated 100 km from Douala, the economic capital of the country. Its economy is mostly based on rural agriculture and the sec …

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