Blockchain And Bitcoin, The Future Of Africa
News and EventsFriday March 16th, 20180

Blockchain and Bitcoin, the future of Africa ?

You probably have already heard about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, or even about Blockchain. But do you really know how does it work and what’s the point of this technology ? Let us explain everything. What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies ? Bitcoin is a virtual currency created in 2008. This currency wants to replace every traditional currencie …

Extend Your WiFi Network With GoSat
Products & ServicesWednesday February 28th, 20180

Extend your WiFi network with GoSat

Reliable, flexible, fast At GoSat, we are providing fast broadband to all kind of customers. No matter who you are, where you work or where you live, you can get the best internet connection. And there is nothing we can’t do to make you enjoy our good and reliable broadband. Because we are providing flexibility to our clients. And it starts wi …

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