Innovative Broadband Solutions For AFRICA Via Satellite


Covers The Whole Of The African Continent

About Afrikanet

Afrikanet Oxford Consultech is a UK registered company, with headquarters in London and our operations offices at Culham Innovation Centre & Science Centre. We operate Virtual Network Centres in UK, Germany, Italy and in the USA on iDirect platform and build Comtech SCPC for Dedicated link from our teleport partners. All the hubs are remotely managed from the company’s Network Centre in Oxford and from the Technical Centre in Cameroon and Cote D’Ivoire.

AFRIKANET: Innovative Broadband Solutions For AFRICA Via Satellite


Afrikanet Covers The Whole Of The African Continent Ensuring You Have An Effective Service Wherever You Are!

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    Afrikanet Reviews
    Mr. Jonathan Christopher

    “I have been using Waka for more than one year and I’m very satisfied with my connexion. I am using it also for TV, so I was able to watch the World Cup live from Brasil. The customer service is good and fast to assist me when I need. Thank you. “

    Afrikanet Reviews
    Foundation St Martin – Cameroon & Switzerland

    Michael Müller , Vice president of the Foundation Board Afrikanet supports the foundation activity by offering its internet services by satellite for the Otélé (Cameroon) site. Afrikanet also provides VOIP services and unlimited GiGa Bit for the foundation data needs. Foundation St. Martin Neuhofstras 6340 Baar

    CCA BANK – Cameroon

    Bank IT Manager ‘We needed to interconnect our 32 agencies across the Cameroonian territory by secure connections to high speed broadband VSAT, a serious partner was found: AFRIKANET. With advanced technology in the high-speed internet satellite we were glad they were strong in our country and has representations in several other African countries as well. This will allow the CCA BANK to expand its service internationally with a better quality of service. That’s why we choose, AFRIKANET.

    Television of TOGO

    ‘The added value of Afrikanet is multiple. That is why we work with them for several years. We are sure to have a trusted partner. That is why Afrikanet and Ska Togo are key references in terms of broadcasting but not only..’

    Archdiocese of LOME- TOGO
    Archdiocese of LOME- TOGO

    Mr. Emmanuel GBADAMASSI IT Manager, LOME, TOGO, Archdiocese As part of improving its communication of its various archdioceses, the Archdiocese of Lome wishes to offer the installation of a VSAT link more interconnection of its various sites. Thanks to AFRIKANET solution, this project was launched and succeeded.

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