VSAT, Very Small Aperture Terminal, is a communication system by bidirectional satellite.

This system allows receiving internet by satellite from 3 parts:

  • The Hub, network’s heart, a big antenna from 6 to 10m of diameter.
    The Earth station, which represents the customer’s installation. Here, the antennas are smaller than the Hub, between 1 and 3m, but they can be bigger as required.
  • The satellite, which the relay point between both.
  • It uses frequencies of either the C or Ku-band depending on the needs and requirements of customers. And it is specially adapted for large organisations, such as the public services, banks or large companies. However, this technology can be used for households.

Viable and reliable, thanks to the C and Ku band, this service works without problem under heavy rain. You could connect everywhere, even in remote areas.

Vsat offers not only earthly solution but also maritime and air with suitable equipment.

Quick to install, you need only 2 weeks thanks to our experts.

Reliable, durable and effective, if you want to have Internet durably, choose VSAT.

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