VoIP, Voice over IP is a system which allows the transfer of both voice and data via the internet network. The transmission process is the same as classical data.
The VoIP solution has several advantages for you:

  • It doesn’t need additional installation because it uses Internet network cabling, decreasing the maintenance expenses.
  • Moreover, the installation and management costs are smaller, making it easier to offer lower prices. And for users who have their own internet connection, there are no internet fees between them, if they are using the same applications or a VoIP phone.
  • Then, if you don’t reduce your internet bill, you can at least optimize it. Indeed, the internet connection is rarely pushed at its maximum, particularly with an unlimited connection. This capacity can be used for VoIP. According to your internet connection, a classical landline phone can even become useless.
  • Finally, in a company, this system allows improving the productivity, as the employees could to use constantly internet and thus be called and make calls at any time with a really low rate.

The VoIP system is available with the WAKAminiVSAT solution.

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