how to make Cameroon emerge in the 4th industrial revolution



On friday june 29th, the conference and forum “Shapping Cameroon #4IR” took place IN Yaounde. The conference was an opportunity for entrepreneurs and start ups to learn, meet and discuss about the challenges faced by Cameroon in the Digitalisation context. It was also an opportunity for GoSat team to meet those actors of Cameroon’s development and help to see what role we can play to help new companies face 21st century challenges.

A crucial event for Cameroon’s development

The 4th industrial revolution has already started in the majority of western countries. It brings a lot of economic opportunities thanks to the development of new technologies such as the internet of things, block chain, nanotechnologies and robotics (artificial intelligence). However the majority African countries, like Cameroon, lag behind when it comes to high tech. It is slowing down the development of their economy that still relies on primary and services sectors. But Cameroon is taking a more important part in digitisation.  Many start ups and entrepreneurs are bringing new projects to make Cameroon enter the 4th industrial revolution. But the lack of infrastructures  and funding is slowing their development. This is why events such as Shapping Cameroon are so important. Organised by the global shapers community, a network of young and innovative people across the globe, the event intended to provide Cameroonian entrepreneurs and start up with the right tools and methods to insure the success of their projects.

GoSat : an actor of Cameroon’s integration in the 4th industrial revolution

As explained earlier, the 4th industrial revolution is related to high technologies. But the lack of internet penetration in Cameroon is an obstacle for many entrepreneurs.

They struggle to develop themselves if they are not located in the Countries largest cities. With its HTS satellite connection, GoSat enables  start-ups and entrepreneurs to have a stable internet connection wherever their location is. Stable internet is crucial for their development. It helps them with their research, networking, softwares, marketing and even allows online crowd funding which is a great way for start-ups to increase their financial assets. And with prices ranging from only 24900 FCFA, it is relatively affordable considering what it can bring to entrepreneurs.


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