GoSat Team Meet Other Telecommunications Actors In Cape Town

GoSat, the innovative broadband solution for Africa was also present at Africacom 2018. This event which took place in Cape Town South Africa from the 13th to 15th November 2018. On this occasion our team met with other telecommunications operators to discuss on how to accelerate Africa’s digital transformation. Africacom 2018 brought together about 14000 visitors, 450 speakers and 400 exhibitors. This event showcased technologies covering everything from 5G, artificial intelligence, internet of things, Blockchain and beyond. It was an opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet and discuss solutions, products and personalities improving connectivity and driving Africa through the Fourth Industrial revolution. GoSat, a partner of Konnect Africa was also present at this event. It was an opportunity for us to meet other actors in the Telco industry and also to discuss challenges and find solutions affecting Africa as we move towards the fourth industrial revolution.

Africacom: Connecting Africa

Connecting Africa was a top track at AfricaCom 2018. It focused on accelerating the spread of digital connectivity throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Connectivity champions united to discuss how favourable policy and the right technologies and business models will enable Mobile Network Operators and Internet Service Providers to expand their networks to bridge Africa’s digital divide. Topics discussed included strengthening broadband networks, expanding satellite connectivity, innovative rural connectivity solutions, fibre deployment and establishing new partnerships to close connectivity gaps.

Satellite Data: The answer to staying ahead

Africacom 2018 also provided  visitors with insight on how to access the satellite market. There were also debates on how High Throughput Satellites will change the wholesale market. The lack of internet penetration can be a major setback to drive African countries through the fourth industrial revolution. Given that more than 60% of African population live in rural areas. These population struggle to develop themselves especially as most cable networks do not extend to these rural areas due to infrastructure to set up which is very costly. With its HTS satellite, Gosat allows individuals and enterprises to be connected to the internet wherever they are. Stable internet is crucial for development, reason why GoSat has made its kit to be affordable even to rural dwellers. GoSat is relatively affordable, considering the benefits it brings to its user.



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