Afrikanet has been providing internet access via satellite everywhere in Africa for over 15 years. Thanks to a large range of solutions, we can connect the entire continent, from large organisations to small ones and to households. This is possible thanks to the VSAT technology (Very Small Aperture Terminal) allowing reception of internet via satellite.

The VSAT solutions are divided under 3 names; VSAT (using C-band and Ku-band) which is more suited to structures such as banks, publics services or large companies; WAKA miniVSAT (using Ku-band), specially created for small and medium sized companies, as well as households; finally, Hi!Ka & GoSat solution (using Ka band) for all budgets and needs, in East, central and west Africa.
Moreover, thanks to the internet, Afrikanet provides VoIP Solution (Voice over IP, which is a phone service via the internet), specially with WAKAminiVSAT, which also allows TV access and free NetFlix at night and Free Microsoft Azure Data storage and Management :

In addition, the company also sells internet wireless equipment, thus increasing the power of the signal to improve initial coverage.

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