Hi!Ka Solution is the same technology as the VSAT system (Very Small Aperture Terminal), which allows to receive Internet by satellite by connecting a ground station (your infrastructure), an hub (the central station) and one satellite between them. The difference with other VSAT solutions is the frequency range used, the Ka Band, is more higher than the C-Band or the Ku-Band ( in emission from 27.5 to 31GHz and in reception from 17.3 to 21.2GHz) and so, it offers advantages in term of speed, data volume and price.
The VSAT in Hi!Ka is an excellent choice for those who have a need for :

  • High speed internet directly from the satellite to your position;
  • Speed of up to 15Mbps in download;
  • Flexibility (pay per view);
  • Quality equipment for a very good price;

There are no obligations. When you buy Hi!Ka equipment, you don’t have to buy a subscription directly. After installation, you have the choice to activate with a subscription or to leave it out of service and activate when you would like to.
You have also the possibility to change the subscription at any time (by respecting a prior notice of one week prior to the beginning of the following month).
The installation must be done by approved certified professionals from our network or having a GVF certification to insure optimum safely service.

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