GoSat Commercial team meets farmers in Yaounde


GoSat, the innovative high speed internet solution for professionals and individual users is growing and no expanding its coverage to Cameroun’s center region. For that occasion, our commercial went to Yaounde to meet companies and farmers and present our solution. Therefore, the team attended the largest agricultural trade fair of Cameroon, the  “Salon international de l’agriculture et de l’agroalimentaire de Yaounde”. Here is a summary of GoSat participation to the 2018 edition of the SIALY.

A crucial event

With Globalisation, it becomes more and more difficult to stand out from the competition. Farmers are no exception to this statement. Without internet farmers are not able to communicate, seek information and determine best practice to use. Therefore they have a lower production capacity and moreover they are not able to sell their production freely and often end up selling their goods on local market or to intermediary who take important margins.  SIALY is an important event for farmers to exchange with each other and determinate best practices for their activity. therefore is is a great event to present solutions such as GoSat which can truly help farmers face the challenge of the 21st century.  the team attended the 5 days long trade fair and met many farmers and companies from the entire country. Some of them were really interested in GoSat.

GoSat : a solution for farmers

As we mentioned earlier internet has many benefits for farmers. But most of the time farmers are located in rural areas where there is no coverage. Farmers can’t

therefore benefit from a decent connection speed, and often have no connection at all. Thanks to our HTS satellite that can be received virtually anywhere through GoSat antenna. Farmers can now access top quality and fast internet with pries starting at 24900 FCFA per month. With internet farmers are now able to communicate, gather informations and sell to any market they want.




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