WAKAminiVSAT, your internet solution by satellite 3 in 1:
Specially created for the small and medium company, WAKAminiVSAT allows you to be connected everywhere even in isolated areas. By using modern technologies and a speed of bandwidth adapted to your needs, you can right now surf on internet; receive local and international call at low cost and watch hundred TV channels.(Waka Logo)
It uses Ku-Band of the satellites Telstar – T11N and Eutelsat – 16A.
This solution offers you the flexibility which you need to develop your company. Benefit the reduction of your phone bills thanks to the Voip solution.
Perfect for family, you will enjoy a fast and quality internet connection directly at home. Talk with your friends and your family thanks to the VoIP phone, and relax in front of your favourite TV channels.

  • Equipment at low cost
  • No computer pointing software required
  • Fast & automated commissioning of the terminal
  • Easy antenna pointing
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