MySenao has been in existence for several years at www.mysenao.com and specialises in the online marketing of telecoms products, mainly long-distance telephony and Wireless Lan.

Although the AFRIKANET website already has a section offering specialised products, there is another parallel platform specialising exclusively in the sale of these types of telecoms devices and equipment: MySenao.

Initially specialising in the exclusive sale of Senao products, the platform has gradually diversified and is now able to offer items from other well-known brands such as Ubiquiti, Linksys, Durafon, EnGenius, etc. and soon TP Link and Linksys.

MySenao is currently one of the African platforms capable of delivering materials anywhere in the world. Orders can be placed directly on the website or via the telephone number +44 1865 408 365 or the email address: online@MySenao.com.

Interface and navigation

Based on the principle of ease through simplicity, MySenao offers a streamlined interface. From the home page, the visitor knows exactly where he or she has landed thanks to the traditional welcome message and a large image of the EnGenius FreeStyl 1 fixed-line telephone, some of the product’s specific features and its cost.

Further down, we have some clearly defined contact information and payment methods. The rubrication can be found on the left side of the website in the form of categories.

Indeed, navigation on MySenao.com is very easy thanks to a relevant categorisation which allows the visitor to have a general overview of the products offered by the platform from the start. Each brand is clearly defined and by clicking on a link, the visitor can consult all the products of a manufacturer in one go.

With MySenao.com, the ease of navigation also allows the user to find any product quickly via the search bar, which intuitively offers relevant suggestions for queries.



Afrikanet Oxford Consultech is a UK registered company, headquartered in Oxford, Culham Innovation Centre & Science Centre. We operate virtual satellite network hubs in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the USA on the iDirect and Hughes platforms and also build with Comtech SCPC for dedicated liaison of our B2B partners. All hubs are managed remotely from the company’s network centre in Oxford and from the technical centre in Cameroon.

Founded in 2003 by CEO Mr. Casimir Berthier FOTSO, Afrikanet provides broadband satellite internet services to Africa and is an indispensable telecommunications partner for anyone operating in Africa.

Our VSAT activities started in 2004, since then we have created many important partnerships throughout Africa and we have now completed hundreds of important projects on the continent. Read more >>>

A presentation of the various projects carried out by the group, mainly in Africa, can be seen on the private website www.africanet.net

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