Africa is a continent that is experiencing strong economic and demographic growth, but which still suffers from a lack of telecommunications infrastructure. According to the World Bank, only 28% of Africans have internet access, compared to 87% in developed countries. This digital divide limits the development potential of the continent, depriving its inhabitants of essential services such as education, health, trade or governance.

To reduce this digital divide, AFRIKANET offers innovative solutions for Internet access by satellite, adapted to the needs and budgets of each client. AFRIKANET is a pioneering company in the field of satellite internet in Africa, which has been operating for more than 15 years on the continent . Thanks to a wide range of solutions, AFRIKANET can connect the entire continent, from large organizations to small ones, including households .

AFRIKANET uses VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) technology, which allows Internet reception via satellite. VSAT solutions are divided under three names: VSAT (using C-band and Ku-band), which is more suitable for structures such as banks, public services or large enterprises; WAKA miniVSAT (using Ku-band), specially created for small and medium enterprises, as well as for households; and Hi! Ka & GoSat (using Ka band), for all budgets and needs, in East, Central and West Africa .

Benefits of satellite internet

The advantages of satellite internet are numerous:

  • it offers extensive geographical coverage, independent of terrestrial infrastructures;
  • it guarantees consistent quality of service, with high throughput and low latency;
  • it allows quick and easy installation, with compact and light equipment;
  • it offers price flexibility, with tailor-made offers and packages adapted to consumption .

In addition to Internet via satellite, AFRIKANET also provides other value-added services, such as VoIP (Voice over IP, which is a telephone service via the Internet), which reduces communication costs; free TV and Netflix at night, for entertainment; free Microsoft Azure data storage and management, for security and performance; or even wireless Internet equipment, to increase signal strength and improve initial coverage .


As you can see, AFRIKANET contributes to reducing the digital divide in Africa, by offering accessible, reliable and efficient satellite internet solutions. By connecting the continent to the Internet, AFRIKANET thus promotes the economic, social and cultural development of the continent, by opening the doors to the digital world.

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