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  • IsatPhone 2

    Available now – the IsatPhone 2 from Inmarsat. Designed to work with the most reliable satellite communications network in the world. IsatPhone 2 is the latest addition to our handheld satellite phone portfolio, offering a range of new features to ensure you stay connected in even the most extreme and remote locations.
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  • IsatPhone Pro

    Features Purpose-built for the most reliable satellite communications network in the world, IsatPhone Pro delivers clear voice quality that you’d expect from the market leader. This phone is designed to work in just about any conditions and there are no worries about battery life because it has the longest in the market.
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    The LiteBeam™ is the latest evolutio of a lightweight and compact, outdoor wireless broadband produ from Ubiquiti Networks. Each of these models was designed to be a affordable cost/performance solut for long-distance, wireless broadba bridging. It operates in the worldw license-free 5 GHz frequency range with high-performance speeds. The LiteBeam combines proprietar hardware and software technologi to deliver its breakthrough combination of throughput and ra with cost-effective value. The InnerFeed® technology (mode LBE-M5-23 and LBE-5AC-23) integr the entire radio system into the antenna feed, and our revolutiona airMAX TDMA protocol enhances network performance and scalabil Integrated airMAX Technology Unlike standard Wi-Fi protocol, the exclusive Ubiquiti Networks® airMA Time Division Multiple Access (TDM protocol allows each client to send and receive data using pre-designa time slots managed by an intellige AP controller. This “time slot” meth eliminates hidden node collisions a maximizes airtime efficiency. Compared to other systems in its class, the LiteBeam products delive superior performance in reduced latency, throughput, and scalability • Intelligent QoS Priority is given voice/video for seamless access. • Scalability High capacity and scalability. • Long Distance Capable of high-speed, 30 km links.
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  • Low Frequency Broadband Wattmeterwith

    Low Frequency Broadband Wattmeterwith -40 dB sample port 2-200 MHz N Connectors and Carrying case
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  • Medium capacity transport pack Classique 22L

    Medium capacity transport pack Classique 22L Specifications Weight: 550 g Volume: 22 liters Height: 60 cm Material(s): TPU (PVC-free) material, polyester webbing Color(s): yellow/black oval
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  • MiniRadio Solutions miniVNA PRO

    MiniRadio Solutions miniVNA PRO with calibration connectors and 2 x SMA N adapters
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