BRIDGESAT INC. and Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC made an agreement to create an optical (optical beam) communication system from the satellite to proprietary network ground. This project aims to improve the communication between satellites and users.

BRIDGESAT INC. lends bandwidth which give Internet connexion to private network by optical signal. Thanks to the optical technical, satellite is able to allow a debit more efficient, more reliable and low cost.

Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC creates and launches satellites in orbit around the Earth. Since 70’s, this company remake the satellite’s market adapting the satellite at the situation and the customer’s need. They come from all around the world and different fields such as Earth observation and simulation, scientific research, military services.

This technology will be used to increase the debit of the communication by 10 gigabit per second per network. Moreover, this type of connection is secured because that is not easy to intercept the data without to be spotted. Finally, the optical infrastructure is less expensive and more reliable than the radio frequencies infrastructure.

This new type of technology of satellite, presented by gathering of both companies, will be available in a couple of years.

That is important for Afrikanet to know new technologies to propose you the best services for the best prices.


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