Summary of the article “Does the Future of the Internet Depend on Satellite?” by Robert Bell.

Does the Future of the Internet Depend on Satellite?” explores how satellites can contribute to internet resilience, inclusion and security in an increasingly connected world. The author, Robert Bell, is the Executive Director of Space & Satellite Professionals International, which produces the Better Satellite World campaign and showcases the immense contributions of space and satellites to life on Earth.

In this article, Robert Bell presents examples of projects that use satellites to provide free or low-cost internet access to remote or conflict-affected areas, such as Afghanistan1 , Ukraine or Nigeria. They also highlight the technical, regulatory and economic challenges faced by satellite operators in deploying their services on a large scale and competing with other wireless technologies.


He concludes that satellites have a key role to play in the future of the internet, but that they must adapt to changing market needs and international standards. Thus, he calls for cooperation between space actors and other stakeholders to create a sustainable and inclusive digital ecosystem.

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