The Internet has become an indispensable tool for everyday life, work, education, culture, entertainment and many other areas. But there are still geographical areas where Internet access is limited or non-existent, due to the absence or weakness of terrestrial infrastructures (ADSL, fibre optics, mobile network, etc.). For these areas, satellite internet is a credible, high-performance alternative, providing a fast, reliable connection wherever you live or work.

What is satellite internet?

Internet via satellite is a technology that uses satellites orbiting the Earth to transmit and receive data. The principle is simple: a terminal (satellite dish and modem) installed at the user’s home sends and receives signals to and from a satellite, which relays them to a ground station connected to the Internet network. In this way, users can connect to the Internet without needing a telephone line or cable.

What are the advantages of satellite internet?

Internet via satellite has a number of advantages over other technologies:

  • It offers universal coverage: all you need is a clear view of the sky to pick up the satellite signal. This means that satellite internet can reach the most remote or isolated areas where other solutions are absent or inadequate.
  • It offers high speeds: thanks to new-generation satellites (HTS), satellite Internet can reach speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s in reception and 20 Mbit/s in transmission, enabling you to take full advantage of online services (web browsing, video streaming, downloading, videoconferencing, etc.).
  • It guarantees quality of service: satellite Internet is independent of weather conditions or the vagaries of the terrestrial network. It therefore offers a stable and secure connection, with an availability rate of over 99%.
  • It’s easy to install and use: all you need is a kit comprising a satellite dish, a modem and a wifi router. It can be installed by yourself or by a certified professional. Once the kit is installed, there’s no need for any special configuration: just connect the modem to the wifi router and connect to the internet.

What satellite Internet packages are available?

There are several satellite internet service providers on the French market, offering packages tailored to the needs of private individuals and businesses. Among them, GOSAT stands out for its affordable and unlimited satellite internet packages.

GOSAT is a satellite internet service provider based in Cameroon, covering the whole of Central Africa via an HTS satellite. GOSAT offers unlimited satellite internet access, with no cap or speed reduction, from 10,600 FCFA (around 15 euros) per month. GOSAT also provides a connection kit (satellite dish, modem, wifi router) from 199,000 FCFA (around 304 euros), as well as responsive and available customer service.

The satellite internet service provider is aimed at both private individuals and professionals (businesses, government departments, NGOs, etc.), offering them a high-performance, cost-effective connectivity solution. With GOSAT, you can enjoy the benefits of satellite internet without breaking the bank.


As you can see, satellite internet is the best connectivity solution for businesses and individuals who live or work in areas poorly served by terrestrial networks. It offers universal coverage, high speeds, quality of service and ease of use. Among satellite internet service providers, GOSAT stands out for its affordable and unlimited satellite internet packages, which allow users to take full advantage of satellite internet without worrying about cost or data volume. To find out more about GOSAT and its offers, visit its website at mygosat.com.

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