celia-fotsoDear bloggers,

My name is Celia, and it is with great pleasure that I announce that I am once again a member of Afrikanet, a growing company that aims to reduce the digital divide between the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

My mission will revolve around visiting our main customers and partners in Africa in order to reconnect with them and personally thank them for doing business with us. I will then write about my travels and meetings and even give some of our best customers Afrikanet goodies such as t-shirts, watches, pens…

I would therefore like to invite you all to contact me if you are interested in participating in this project. By accepting this offer, you would not only help us in the development of our company, but it would also be a way for you to promote your business and doings. The articles would consist of pictures, testimonials, videos, and would reflect your business’s collaboration with Afrikanet. The articles and videos will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, on our new YouTube channel, website and blog.

Afrikanet sincerely values all its partners and this is our way of showing it to you, so if you are interested in featuring in one of these articles, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Email: celia@afrikanet.net


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