The device benefits for the return of the rains from a promotion of 20% on its cost price.

The return of the rainy season is a blessing in Africa as it is essential for agriculture and food production. However in Cameroon for a few years, the rainy season is rather synonymous with worries. Indeed, the Cameroonian populations have been living for a few years a real trauma because of the untimely power cuts which in the rainy season, due to the decrease in the production of electricity caused by the precipitations according to the company in charge of energy country electricity.

But did you know that this dependence on hydroelectricity, the electrification model adopted by Cameroon, can be circumvented? This is what SOLAR ACCESS has been trying to do for several years by providing solar solutions at a lower cost to Cameroonian households. This is particularly the case with the Anti-Load Shedding Solar Generator, an autonomous device capable of supplying a house for 24 hours in complete autonomy.

What is the Anti-Load Shedding Solar Generator?

The Anti-Load Shedding Solar Generator is an all-in-one 500W portable solar device equipped with a 15V 35Ah lithium battery and 2 LED lights. It is useful for home use in the event of a power outage. This product is portable and can provide self-contained power supply from solar energy. In addition to its two supplied LED bulbs, the Anti-Load Shedding Solar Generator is capable of powering an LED TV, a laptop (laptop) and a mini fan.

The Anti-Load Shedding Solar Generator works by capturing energy from the sun using its 60 W – 18 V photovoltaic panel and storing it in a 15V 120Ah lithium battery. This energy can be used to power electrical devices such as LED lamps or portable electronic devices. The generator is portable and can provide self-contained power supply not only from solar energy but also from the mains.

How much does the Anti-Load Shedding Solar Generator cost?

As you can see, the Anti-Load Shedding Solar Generator is a versatile product perfectly suited to the Cameroonian socio-cultural environment. Indeed, to reduce the scourge that load shedding represents in Cameroonian and even African society, SOLAR ACCESS allows the populations of Cameroon on the occasion of the return of the rains and load shedding to benefit from a reduction of 20% on the price of returns from his Anti-Load Shedding Solar Generator.

Thus, to take advantage of this exceptional offer, you must pay the modest sum of 200,000 XAF instead of 250,000. To order, you can go directly to the product page ( https://solar-access.com/produit/500w-solar-generator/ ) or view all our products on our official website: https://solar-access .com .


AFRIKANET company specialized in the supply of Internet by satellite, SOLAR ACCESS is specialized in the supply of electricity thanks to solar energy. Our vision at SOLAR ACCESS is to contribute to the social and economic development of Cameroon and Africa as a whole by providing infinitely renewable energy everywhere thanks to the sun. Present in both urban and rural areas and at a very affordable price, we work with local and international partners specializing in the production of solar energy.

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