AFRIKANET, through its academy; ‘‘AFRIKANET ACADEMY’’ organized a GVF HOST B Training Session in Yaoundé, Cameroon, on the 15th of September 2016, for VSAT technicians in Central Africa. The objective of the GVF HOST B session was meant to verify the ability of the trainees to use the core skills taught in the GVF510 course in a hands-on environment. The trainees had to assemble a typical VSAT; preset pol and elevate angles; find a designated satellite; accurately peak azimuth and elevation using the beam balance method; accurately set linear polarization; terminate a cable with a connector and weather seal the connector.

AFRIKANET ACADEMY sees employee training and development as essential for any organization’s success. We believe it is important for enterprises to ensure their employees’ skills, abilities and knowledge levels are being regularly updated, be it in the field of marketing, energy or ICT. Timely and relevant training helps boost productivity. By closing skills, knowledge and performance gaps, and arming employees with new ideas, best practices and skills that they can put into practice in their jobs right away, their competence, ability and confidence levels increase. As a result, these employees are able to make better decisions, and do their jobs smarter and more efficiently. During the Host B session organized in Yaoundé, we noticed the presence of local and international telecommunication entities using Satcom technology, who view training and development as a strategic priority of their organizations, and implementing it in a thoughtful and deliberate manner; a company can benefit from measurable Return Over Investment(ROI).


You can measure for impact, for qualitative and quantitative ROI, and there are various ways to do so. For example, you can do pre- and posttraining assessments and measure the improvement; you can then translate this into financial return when you calculate the value of saved time, increased productivity, increased sales.

It is important for organizations to view training and development as an investment, not as an expense, and to leverage training and development
for the achievement of business/organizational goals. Investment in employee training and development should be regarded as a capital investment where you will look for ROI.

AFRIKANET ACADEMY is in the business of encouraging enterprises invest in the training and development of their employees, thus helping your employees feel moreconnected, valued, accountable, focused, and part of the team.

‘‘The GVF HOST session took place in very good conditions. The atmosphere was serene; we did what the examiner asked us to do in conformity to the line of sight prescribed by Intelsat and the whole experience allowed me to learn another way of pointing an antenna using a spectrum analyzer and I am very proud of my final results and the Host certificate obtained’’, said Hermann Talla, a GVF Host Participant from the West Region of Cameroon.


‘‘The overall impressions of the participants of the GVF HOST session was very positive and we hope to train more VSAT trainees in Africa in future. During 2016/2017, AFRIKANET ACADEMY will organize other GVF Host sessions in West and Central Africa. (See the link below: http:// . In Cameroon the next sessions will be held in December 2016 and March 2017. AFRIKANET ACADEMY is committed to training and our offers range from telecommunications trainings to Solar Energy and sustainable development trainings…etc, to Africa and the World’’, said Mr. Rolin Batchanou, the AFRIKANET GVF Trainer.

Written by: Philip Walters A. Tanyi
(Head of Afrikanet Academy)

Tel: +44 1865920490




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