What Happens online in 60 seconds ?

We can see that all over the year Internet becomes more and more important to people. More and more people tend to use the internet more often. This data are true all over the world. But in this data do you think there is a lot of people come from Africa ? I don’t think so.

That’s why AFRIKANET develops his business and tend to become more and more important. Our goal is to spray internet across the African continent, to help people get access to the internet and to have the same digital possibility than European people.

The time that you read this article, more than 204 million of emails has been sent, 3.3 million posts has been released on Facebook, 4 million search has been made on Google, 41,000 photos has been posted on Instagram, 1380 articles are published on WordPress…

Africa Continent Map Icon With An Email Sign

Do you think everyone should get access to the internet ? If yes, don’t hesitate to support us and leave a comment.

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