Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are getting involved in African development through Internet broadband.

The Facebook CEO is planning to reduce internet access costs on different frequencies including Ku-Band and Ka-Band via satellites already in orbit. He has mentioned a Wi-Fi-enabled internet subscription for less than 4$ per GB, hoping to reach as little as between 3$ and 1$.

Zuckerberg wants to penetrate the market by renting satellites from SES, one of the first international satellite provider with more than 50 satellites in orbit around the earth, but also through Eutelsat, one of Afrikanet provider.

This ambitious project will greatly help African development, allowing easier internet access, communication and information sharing, and has already started to shake things up in the satellite industry. Stay tuned!

Find the complete article just below : http://spacenews.com/ses-announces-facebook-order-for-african-satellite-capacity-unclear-link-with-facebook-eutelsat-deal/


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