At the beginning of this new year, the African company specialising in the provision of internet via satellite has decided to resume training in VSAT GVF technology with certification and practical work, based on the VSAT GVF programme.


Since the launch of Afrikanet Oxford Consultech in 2002, the UK-based company has placed particular emphasis on training future technicians in the new technology of satellite Internet access provision in Africa.

Thus offering the guarantee of an accredited training organisation, Afrikanet organises training sessions every three months thanks to :

  • Exclusive AFRIKANET training methods: solid theoretical training combined with original course materials covering satellite installations and maintenance, video surveillance and solar panels;
  • Comprehensive practical training with mock-ups and mini deployments;
  • Bilingual engineering trainers (French and English) with over 10 years of experience;
  • Modular training courses according to the skill level of the learners.

It should be noted that at the end of their training, Afrikanet issues diplomas to learners, which will offer them better opportunities and a better integration into professional life.

Training modules

This year, Afrikanet Oxford Consultech will be offering several exclusive training modules, specifically designed by professionals and capable of meeting all needs. These courses will be delivered by trainers and GVF Examiners with more than 16 years of experience in VSAT and having supervised several large VSAT projects in Africa.

GVF 510 module

Also known as “Essential Skills for VSAT Professionals”, this training module teaches how to install a VSAT antenna in precise alignment with the satellite. It includes interactive advances as well as 3D simulations. The module, which will be available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, will include bets, a new counter-pole and several other types of simulators.

With no prerequisites, this training module is required for the GVF Basic, Advanced and all VSAT Specialists with Professional Certifications. It covers several areas:

  • Fixed VSAT,
  • Marine Satcom,
  • Teleport / Centres / NOC Operations,
  • Engineering.

GVF HOST B module

The GVF HOST B Module is designed to test the trainees’ ability to use the basic skills taught in GVF510 in a practical environment. Trainees were required to set up a typical VSAT; pre-set the pole and raise the angles; find a designated satellite; azimuth with maximum accuracy and altitude using the beam balance method; fine tune the linear polarisation, etc.

GVF 520 module

Entitled “Satcom Fundamental”, the module teaches the fundamental theory of VSAT communications for all VSAT technicians and engineers. In English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, it includes advanced interactive graphical simulations.

The module is required for the GVF Advanced and all Satcom Specialist Professional Certifications although the GVF 510 is highly recommended. It covers several areas:

  • Fixed VSAT,
  • Marine Satcom,
  • Teleport / Centres / NOC Operations,
  • Engineering.

GVF 521 module

This “Practical Technique for VSAT Professionals” module, which is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, covers the range of practical tips, techniques and knowledge that fixed VSAT field technicians and installers need to perform high quality, reliable installation work.

Here, the GVF Advanced and all Satcom Specialist Professional Certifications are required, with the GVF 510 and 520 GVF as prerequisites. It covers several areas:

  • NOC fixed VSAT centres,
  • Teleport / Operations.

Through these specially designed programmes, Afrikanet gives its learners the opportunity to enjoy great experiences that are both instructive and fun.

Cost of the course

In order to benefit from VSAT training, Afrikanet offers flexible rates, details of which are given in the table below.

Non-refundable registration Cost per VSAT Module
Nationals 20,000 XAF 400,000 XAF
Foreigners 50,000 XAF 400,000 XAF

For more information to help you achieve your goals in the areas of VSAT, Video Surveillance and Solar Energy, an Afrikanet team is available to provide additional information.

About Afrikanet

Afrikanet Oxford Consultech is a company with headquarters in London and offices in Oxford at the Culham Innovation Centre & Science Park. We have four redundant Virtual Network Centres in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA on iDirect and a Comtech Vipersat Hub in the Netherlands. All our Hubs are remotely operated from our London offices. AFRIKANET provides internet via satellite to Africa and is the indispensable telecommunications partner for any operator in Africa.

Created in 1999 by the CEO Mr. Casimir Berthier Fotso, AFRIKANET NST&T (Nord Sud Transfert Technologies) specialised in long range wireless phones, VSAT (very small aperture terminal) technology, solar energy and video surveillance.

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