The leader in the provision of Internet access by satellite innovates every day by acquiring equipment that is always at the cutting edge of technology. This is the case of Forsway’s Odin F-50 router, an agile customer premises equipment (CPE), for even smarter connectivity.

What is the Forsway Odin F-50

The innovative Forsway Odin F-50 is a cost effective, high performance satellite router for hybrid satellite internet services. Using DVB-S2/ACM for the downlink, the Odin F-50 can be used to combine a variety of terrestrial return channels. The terrestrial return channel will then give the bandwidth for return traffic, i.e. whatever that network can actually provide.

The Odin F-50 integrates the possibility of connecting a mobile network interface as well as various Ethernet-based interface options, such as ADSL, WiMAX or VSAT, for the return link.

Robust satellite Internet services to boost end-user connectivity in areas with insufficient or low capacity

The rugged Odin F-50 is designed to work with broadcast satellites and is equipped with both a DVB-S2 demodulator and advanced IP-over-satellite optimization tools including ACM. The Forsway Odín F-50 is the most flexible and cost effective hybrid broadband modem on the market.

Key Benefits for Operators

  • Eliminates the need to deploy additional network infrastructure – enabling operators to realize significant cost savings and deliver highly cost-effective broadband.
  • Enables the rapid deployment of robust satellite Internet services in regions with insufficient infrastructure or capacity.
  • Provides a competitive VSAT alternative – no satellite communications license and fancy installation required.


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