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WAKAminiVSAT, What’s that?

WAKAminiVSAT is a product range providing Internet by satellite. The system is the same as the VSAT technology, and we invite you to find out about our system and equipment below : 
Advantages of WAKAminiVSAT :
1- Accessible offer…
First of all, WAKA is a personalized and accessible offer for everybody, created to fit your budget and your needs. The Internet network provided is stable thanks to the Ku-Band, perfectly adapted to households and small companies.
2- with Tv and phone,
WAKA technology provides unlimited TV and phone access, based on your internet connection. All you need is the suitable equipment, also supplied by our company.
3- day and night,
An unlimited 24/7 WAKA plan is available for customers with high connectivity needs, and our free unlimited night offer (from 10PM to 7AM) is also addable to any existing subscription plan at a limited cost.
4- with reliable equipment,

WAKA equipment is reliable and lasting in order to avoid any inconvenience. It is also economic and inconspicuous, adapting perfectly to your home environment and design.
5- and easy installation.
Afraid about the installation ? No worries, as the process is extremely easy and explained in a 5 minutes video provided with your kit. In the unlikely event of any issues or difficulties, our customers support team both in Africa and the UK will be delighted to help you and get your network running !

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