What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a text file which is hiding itself in the hard disk without you seeing it. But how is it working?

Let’s imagine you want to buy a new pair of shoes, you are surfing on the web for prices comparison. But while you were on these sites, you were infected by « cookies ».
Two days later, your navigator proposes you the same shoe model than you already searched.
You could say “Wow, my computer is smart! » But on the long run it can be very annoying.

Cookies’ aim is to harvest information (What you have put in your basket, Language you are using or your gap-price…) to sell it to advertising companies. Thus, these companies target your needs and propose you promotional offers on the same products.
Each Webmaster can know customer habits and can customize the site presentation for every visitor.
Yet, sites using cookies must first warn their users according to the law.

Afrikanet gives you a trick to block them !
It’s very simple, quick and efficient. You just have to go in Settings, and follow instructions below.


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