Learn how to prepare for an event through our experience in Cabsat.

Cabsat is an international satellite and broadcast event taking place in Dubai every year allowing the industry to gather in order to exchange, learn about new opportunities and meet in person. We were delighted to attend from the 08th of March to the 10th of March 2016.

1) Getting ready

Preparation for the event included:

– Choosing, designing and ordering brochures, business cards, goodies to bring.

– Determining the communication strategy.

– Ensuring of the appropriate mind set and training of the staff attending.

– Handling the logistics: transport, accommodation, food, etc.

2) How to fully embrace the experience?

Prior to our team departure, we made sure to arrange meetings with suppliers, clients and potential partners. These shows are extremely busy, as such it is very important to book meetings in advance not to miss out but also to allow time for spontaneous encounters, tradeshows are not your typical place to seal a deal, but you don’t want to waste a chance to do so if the opportunity arises. Walking around the premises early on the first day will help you locating the various areas and booths to avoid getting lost later on.

3) After the event

At the end of the event, we gathered the office around the staff that attended to provide feedback and share the experience. An aftermath meeting will involve the whole team, going over the opportunities met and deciding on the next steps to take moving forward in order to capitalize on the tradeshow.

To summarize, an event such as CABSAT is an amazing opportunity that needs appropriate preparation to be fully embraced and to avoid being overwhelmed by its potential. Afrikanet expresses its gratitude to everyone attending the show, we look forward to hearing from you, and to the incredible staff behind CABSAT 2016 see you next year!


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