The Covid-19 does not spare Africa’s business area. On September 17, 2020 Many African CEOs shared their vision on the impact of the pandemic and the role of different actors for the real digital transformation on Africa

About $ 80 to $ 100 billion is needed over the next ten years to fund Africa’s digital transformation. The current Covid-19 crisis impacts seriously the business world.  Accelerating the digital transformation of Africa by building a necessary ecosystem is more than ever a priority.

Single, universal and affordable internet coverage could increase 2 percentage points per year in Africa’s growth.  This process can be possible through various efforts from public and private sectors.

Different participants agree on the fact that there is an important need to build and offer new digital infrastructures to reduce the digital gap in Africa.  It’ll be also important to improve digital services and innovative offers based on education and training for a flourishing digital ecosystem.

Therefore, using ICT appears to be a catalyst for the growth of Africa.


The webinar through the link www.theafricaceoforum.com




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