Early February, the french company specialized in transmissions by satellite Eutelsat announced anassociation with its american counterpart Viasat.

This association’s objective is a development of the transmissions by satellite in Europe.

This project will be beneficial for Eutelsat which wasn’t at its best the last few years. However the growth in this sector exceeded 20% so this will be a good bounce for each company.

The Alliance Eutelsat-Viasat bore two entities shared by the two companies. The first one gathers the infrastructures and is owned for the most part by Eutelsat. The second one gathers the distribution activity and is detained mostly by Viasat.

The main commun objective is the launch in 2020 of a Ka band transmission satellite. This satellite will be able to broadcast with a throughput of 1Tb/s. The consumer will have access to a 30Mb/s throughput. This very ambitious project is supported by the CEO of Eutelsat in these words:

« We will be able to offer internet connectivity to remote areas in Europe or in mobile vectors (train or plains). This service will be as good as fiber with a throughput of 30 megabits per second and per household. »

Rodolphe Belmer, CEO of EutelSat

This cooperation will allow a growth of the transmission by satellite market in Europe and maybe after in the rest of the world. However today there is already the Konnect Africa solution. This solution will allow high throughput connexion by satellite in Africa.

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