The fastest broadband for everyone thanks to Konnect VHTS

Konnect VHTS, the future of satellite Internet

Eutelsat, a french company providing internet through satellite, just announced the order of Konnect VHTS. Konnect VHTS (for Very High Throughput Satellite) is a new generation of satellites that will provide very high speed broadband. Thanks to this new generation of satellites, Eutelsat promises the same performances as optical fiber.

The objective of this broadband is to provide fast and reliable satellite internet in the most remote areas of France. Especially where there is no internet connection already.

This satellite will be released in 2021, and is manufactured by Thalès Alenia Space. Furthermore, this satellite will weighs 6.3 tons, and will have a capacity of 500Gbps thanks to Ka-Band. In addition, this satellite will embark on board the most powerful digital processor ever put into orbit. It’s able to combine flexibility in capacity allocation, optimal use of spectrum and progressive deployment of the ground network.


100% Made in France


Most noteworthy, this new product will be entirely designed and manufactured in France by french companies. Indeed, this satellite is the result of a contract between Eutelsat, Thalès and Orange, which are three big french companies. The objective is to provide an offer which is entirely French, as the government and the space industry asked.


Yet, the initial contract was between Eutelsat and ViaSat, an american satellite internet provider. But it all changed after the French space industry and French government showed their disagreement.


An affordable broadband for everyone

On the one hand, Eutelsat and Orange are concluding a commercial agreement, targeting the wired broadband market (in the European countries in which the group operates in the consumer market).  And on the other hand Eutelsat will work with Thalès, including the distribution of connectivity services to governments.

With this new product, Orange wants to provide a super fast broadband where no other internet provider can go. And they have planned to sell this product at the same price as the traditional French optical fiber.


Orange, Thalès, Eutelsat, who are they ?



Eutelsat Communications is one of the largest satellite operators in the world. With its global fleet of satellites and ground-based infrastructure, Eutelsat enables customers to efficiently connect to their customers wherever they are. Either in Audiovisual, Data, Government Services, or Fixed and Mobile connectivity sectors, everyone’s concerned. Eutelsat broadcasts over 6,800 channels. Reaching an audience of one billion television viewers equipped for satellite reception or connected to terrestrial networks.

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators.
Present in 29 countries, the group served 273 million customers worldwide as of December 31, 2017. Including 211 million mobile customers and 20 million fixed broadband customers.

Thales is a world leader in equipment for the aeronautics, space, defense, security and transport modes.


What about Africa ?

One year ago, Konnect Africa (subsidiary of Eutelsat) and Afrikanet created GoSat. Thanks to a partnership between these two companies, GoSat is providing a very fast and reliable internet connection. To do so, the company is using HTS satellites. These satellites are the current last generation of Eutelsat’s satellites.

So the announcement of the VHTS satellites is a very good news for Africa too. Because although the first VHTS satellite is made for Europe, the next satellites of this new generation will most likely be used by Konnect Africa and GoSat.

Consequently, GoSat will be able to provide an even better and affordable broadband to all Sub-Saharan Africa.



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To know more about GoSat, visit GoSat Website. You can also visit our partner’s Website: Konnect Africa.

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