Our Team In Africa
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Our team in Africa

Our CEO was in Africa From the 14th of February to the 2nd of March our CEO, Mr Casimir FOTSO has been travelling in Africa. He has had the opportunity to visit Côte d’Ivoire, Togo and Cameroon, where he has met Afrikanet and GoSat customers. Our GoSat Ambassador is in Cameroon The ambassador will participate in trade shows to promote our brand …

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Telecommunication development in Ivory Coast

Telecommunication development in Ivory Coast Ivory Coast has one of the most developed telecommunication networks in West Africa. Since its creation in the 90’s, the Internet evolved in the country, especially thanks to the powerful desire of the population to be connected. Each big town of the country disposes of its internet connection, in the var …

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Le dynamisme de l’équipe Afrikanet – Dynamism at Afrikanet – El dinamismo de nuestro equipo

Dynamisme de l’équipe AFRIKANET AFRIKANET a été créé en 1999 pour fournir des services Internet à haut débit par satellite sur le marché Africain en vue de son développement. Notre Team Collaboration regroupe un ensemble de jeunes ingénieurs dynamiques dont l’objectif est de servir au mieux les clients en les accompagnant et en leur apportant de no …

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