Telecommunication development in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast has one of the most developed telecommunication networks in West Africa. Since its creation in the 90’s, the Internet evolved in the country, especially thanks to the powerful desire of the population to be connected. Each big town of the country disposes of its internet connection, in the various cybercafé of the country.

According to the website Internet Live Stats, Ivory Coast numbered more than 6 million web users (26% of the population), in 2017. Africa gathered 288 million web users (31% of the population). Among those users, many companies but also people.

From the internet spread by ADSL cables to the use of internet boxes which allow several computers and mobile phones to be connected to the internet thanks to only one access point, telecommunications are constantly increasing in Ivory Coast.

But, the real ambition of the country is to reach 90% of internet access rate before 2020.

GoSat solution

GoSat is a company supplying broadband internet access to other companies and people. Our added value is situated in technologies we have chosen (internet by satellite), which permits us to offer to our customers a quality service at an affordable price, and that wherever they are.

Our missions are :


  • To supply a high-quality internet connection in urban districts and rural areas.
  • To offer this service at an affordable price.
  • To obtain a high satisfaction of our customers.


Our objectives are :

  • To reduce the digital gap on our continent in order to encourage its economic and social development.
  • To conquer French-speaking Africa, then the whole continent.

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