50 Ohms flexible 1 m low loss coaxial cable with N Male both sides


Product Description

100 feet SureCall 400 coaxial cable with N Male Connectors on both sides is black in color. Sure-Call’s CM-400 ultra-low loss coax cable is top quality SureCall CM400 cable (SC-400) which minimizes signal loss that this Sure Call SC400 can incur. SureCall 400 cable is available in multiple pre-determined lengths, with this particular length measuring 100′, to give you plenty of reach to connect your signal boosters to your antenna. The cable is ultra-low loss coaxial cable, for optimum performance without losing signal. SureCall Part # SC001-100. Surecall 100′ SC-400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Jumper. Made of CM-400 cable with N Male connectors.

An essential addition to any installation, our SureCall CM400 cable in black gives you flexibility in an ultra-low-loss cable solution for long or short distances. Capable of carrying a signal reliably over distances in which other less robust cables would suffer signal loss, our copper-cladded aluminium conductors give you the cleanest possible signal under any circumstances. It has an impedance of 50 ohms. If you need strength and shielding from electromagnetic interference, you will get both with this cable’s foamed polyethylene insulation and black PVC jacket. You can deploy this SC-400 cable for almost about any purpose, as it holds up reliably to temperatures between -40° and 185° F. This extra-long one hundred feet length in white cabe will serve you over longer runs, thanks to excellent conductors and efficient ultra-low-loss shielding. This length is supplied with pre-crimped N-Male connectors on both ends.

The cable has type N-male connectors on both ends, and you can purchase additional type Nmale connectors if required. Available in both white and black, SureCall 400 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (with this listing being for a black coax cable with N male connector). It is weatherproof, heat shrunk, and tested to ensure its absolute quality.

You can easily install the SC400 cable, and enjoy connectivity for your boosters, without losing much signal.

Technical Features

Rated Temperature (oF) (-40 / 185) Rated Voltage(V) 2,500 Impedance (ohms) 50 Capacitance (pf/ft) 23.9 Conductor Copper Cladded Aluminum Conductor Diameter (Inches) 0.108 Insulation Foamed PE Insulation Diameter (Inches) 0.285 Jacket PVC Outer Diameter (Inches) 0.405


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