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Reinventing the world for the best

“In only one second, everything I’ve known was already gone”, people are more and more saying that our current society evolves very quickly. As a consequence, many changes have occurred everywhere, be it in the marketing, communication, customers’ management, the society in general… But there also are many others evolutions that are expected to happen in the next few years, starting with a complete switch in the way companies are doing business with its customers. Having a strong entrepreneur’s spirit, Afrikanet’s Group sees all the society’s changes as an opportunity to improve, and not at all as a threat. The group wants to be at the forefront of these changes, being one of the actors that will have helped in reshaping AFRICA’S Telecommunication better.

 Targeting is not the solution

Montesquieu thought that business between men would be the solution to replaced wars, but, is it really the case ? Indeed, we are still in a war. There is a real “war vocabulary” in the Marketing sector, starting with the fact of seeing potential customers as targets. Afrikanet’s Group thinks that this war vocabulary has to change to improve business, for the very best reason that “to inform” is only the message, meanwhile “to communicate” is the relation. Afrikanet’s Group wants to have as much as possible a great communication with its customers. We strongly believe that not taking people for targets is a good start to enter in a relation. Because any relation needs to have its individuals that consider each other as an equal. How is it possible to claim that customers are the main concern of a company when this last one consider them as targets ? At Afrikanet’s Group, customers are not considered as targets, but as a public, partners, collaborators, with whom the company is building some great business.


To give you the best experience is our priority

« Branding » comes from the word « brandon », which was the name of the object that marks, « brands », the livestock. We can easily understand that the branding management has the main purpose to “mark people”, all in the same way, without taking in count their unicity. Branding management wants to print the specific mark of the brand in the public’s memory. There is two action to undertake in order to mark people’s memory : Using repetition again and again or provoke feelings. This last solution providing more strong and durable memories, that is why Afrikanet’s group grant particularly importance to its publics’ feelings. The business world is more and more moving from a “Customer Relationship Management” to a “Customer Experience Management”. Afrikanet’s Group wants to build strong links with its publics’ by providing them with the best experience.

Our fight : Becoming your “love brand”coeur

Afrikanet’s Group understands that everyone has his own specificities and needs, each of them being different from one another. We recognize the individuality of each of our partners. We think that we can’t bludgeon people with the same offer. To our eyes, people are not a mass of individuals anymore, they are individuals in mass. Afrikanet’s Group is empathic, attentive, fully committed to understanding each person’s uniqueness. We are not a simple trade brand, we are a “Wiki brand”, where every one of you can become an ambassador of our brand and participate in our success (or fall !). That is also why nobody will ever be seen as livestock and targets at Afrikanet’s Group. With you, we want to build loyalty and passion, and become one of your “love brands”

Rejoin our vision !

All our marketing and communication are based on these values that we are proud to share them with you. Moreover, if you are running a business, we hope that we have convinced you that our vision is worthy.

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