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Does your company always need a better internet connection to be able to answer the demand from your growing amount of clients ? Do you need a better broadband in your company to improve productivity and automate tasks ?
Or maybe you just need a better internet connection at home ? Maybe you want the fastest internet connection for your family or for your community, with no limitation ? In all of these situations, GoSat has a solution for you.

For years, GoSat is providing you the best of broadband through satellite, no matter where you are, with no dependence to the terrestrial network.

And today, GoSat is starting two new services. These services are meant to satisfy the companies that always need more bandwidth, as well as those who need the best broadband for streaming, downloading, or for other personal use.

Our new services

We are proud to announce our two new services : GoSat Mega and GoSat Ultra.

These new services are offering our fastest broadband ever.
Indeed, with GoSat Mega and GoSat Ultra, we improved our services to offer a broadband up to 400% faster for the big amount of monthly data.
Thanks to these packs, you can reach a download speed up to 20MB/s. It works the same no matter where you are and without using the terrestrial networks.

gosat mega and ultra


In addition to our fastest internet speed ever, we are also providing a bigger amount of internet to use. With GoSat Mega, you have 200GB to use every month for you alone, your family or your company for example. As for GoSat Ultra, you can use up to 500GB per month.

Of course, both of these packages are offering you our best bandwidth.

These new packages are available from now on. You can get our best and fastest broadband with bigger amount of monthly data today.



 Why you will love these offers

gosat comparison

So far if you needed a big amount of data, you had to choose the Unlimited package.

This offer is a good choice if you don’t know how much data you will use every month and if    5 MB/s is enough for you or your company.


But with GoSat Mega and GoSat Ultra, you only pay for the volume of data that you have planned to use every month. What’s more, you can get a faster bandwidth up to 20 MB/s.

These offers are meant to satisfy our customers that need the biggest amount of data and the best possible bandwidth. Either you are a company or a big data users, these packages are meant for you..

In addition to our best broadband and to this huge volume of monthly data, we also provide free Microsoft Azure Cloud with 1 TB of storage for you or your company.

Interested ?

If you want to get more information, you can visit our dedicated website or directly contact us.


You can also check all of our other articles on our Blog.

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