After a really intense world cup 2016 in France, where the lionesses lost to Brazil during semi-finals, the lionesses were supposed to go to Texas to take their revenge.

An intense training and hopes for a spot on podium


If they had a 11 days training course to prepare the world cup, the lionesses have actually been training for one year. Indeed The preparation has started since the beginning of the year without making too much noise.  The lionesses played every game of the first  championship as if they were preparation matches. With some training courses to build a strong team cohesion. In addition, Cameroonians will face teams they know, ending up in the group of Brazil and France. Willing to take their revenge on France, the military lionesses have studied the games and tactics of their opponents. They intend, this time, not to let the world cup go! The Commissary colonel Benoit Raoul Akini really thinks that his team have good chances to be at the top of the competition this year.

An unexpected and unfortunate  decision

But if the lionesses don’t win the prestigious cup this year, that might be for an all different reason. Indeed, while the lionesses were on the go and ready to take the plane just a couple days ago, fear is now rising as the final program published by CISM does not show the participation of the Cameroonian team anymore. The reason behind that unexpected last minute change is ridiculous. Indeed, the Ambassador of United States in Cameroon has decided to deny the team’s visa  for their trip to Texas. It May be related to the dramatic run away of Cameroonian athletes during the 2018  Commonwealth games in Austra lia.  Whatever it be, there are great chances that lionesses won’t be able to attend the World cup in Texas. They may have to wait till 2020 to take their revenge against France and Brasil and finally have a fair shot to win the competition


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