Dear Sir / Ms:

Location 1 for Internship:   OX14 3DB, Oxford, United Kingdom



Location 2 for Internship:   Remotely in your country

UK: Communication Task at AFRIKANET : ( 4 to 6 Months)

  • Help to Elaborate company Digital Marketing plan
  • Implement Digital Marketing plan with Marketing and business team
  • Use social Media (Facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn etc. …) to engage with prospect and increase Afrikanet visibility
  • Use Google AdWords to increase website visibility on selected keywords
  • Write article, study cases and involve on Operational Marketing and update website on Newsletter webpage
  • Deal with Afrikanet Blogs and realize video for Afrikanet YouTube channel
  • Use TrustPilot platform to generate feedback on company process from customers

UK: Business and Commercial task at AFRIKANET : ( 4 to 6 months)

  • Work with Business Development Team to increase sales on Selected countries in Africa
  • Work with the Head of Customer Solution Provider to propose solution solving customer’s inquiries
  • Engage in a daily base with customer’s inquiries under the Manager supervision
  • Use the CRM platform to increase sales working with remote workers in Africa. Target is 29% for 2017
  • Work with Event Manager to ensure company participation to selected trade show in 2017
  • Select, negotiate and recruit partners in African countries where Afrikanet has no presence

UK & Abroad : Public relation and Media ( 4 to 6 Months)

  • Work with operational team in Uk and in Africa in order to report to the media, the achievement of Afrikanet remote team on ongoing projects. Reports will be press or video
  • Record written and video testimonials from successful projects and successful customers for publication
  • Animate Afrikanet video Channel
  • Deal with African Media to increase the visibility of AFRIKANET in Europe and in Africa

This PR role request travelling to operational sites in Abidjan, Ndjamena, Yaoundé, Kinshasa, Brazzaville etc ….

UK & Abroad : Operation Manager assistant ( 4 to 6 Months)

  • Work with operational team in Uk and in Africa in order to deliver project on schedule and manage CRM
  • Deal with suppliers and contractor for project delivery
  • Deal with ground technician
  • Manage customer contract, initial or renewal contract
  • Record written feedback, testimonials and video testimonials from successful projects
  • Transition to Account Manager

Selected and talented candidate will receive minimum wages. Average and non-experienced will receive bonus on mission achievement.



cbfCasimir Berthier Fotso
CEO and Chairman-   – Afrikanet OxfordConsultech – eAfrika UK Ltd – GoSat eAfrica UK Ltd

Email: cbf@afrikanet.net

Phone: +44 1865 408 566



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