In Zimbabwe, a renowned bank has used Matrix Gateway Solution to interconnect its offices to facilitate communication between office and with customers, but also to decrease the cost of the communication and improve the quality of service.

Before setting up the infrastructure, it was difficult and expensive for the bank to call another office or a customer as the bank had a lot of phone lines. On the other hand, they were keen to keep the previous telephonic structure to reduce cost and time of installation; consequently decreasing the offered costs by the company and improving decision-making time. Matrix Gateway Solution was able to adapt to their needs to improve their services in terms of cost as well as quality.

Afrikanet gives you the opportunity to setup VoIP solutions for all of your offices in Africa. We can create or expand your VoIP network to optimize your personal network at a low cost, with 24/7 assistance from our partners on the ground.

To talk about your projects and your needs, contact us at +44 1865408365 in Oxford, at +237 242621739 in Cameroon or by mail contact@afrikanet.net.


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