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Reliable, flexible, fast

At GoSat, we are providing fast broadband to all kind of customers. No matter who you are, where you work or where you live, you can get the best internet connection. And there is nothing we can’t do to make you enjoy our good and reliable broadband. Because we are providing flexibility to our clients. And it starts with a good WiFi network.

At GoSat, we understood that our customers might have different needs concerning the size of their private internet network. Some of you live in a small flat, some other in a big house. And some might need their private network to reach several houses. In addition, the companies we are providing internet to have different size and need different WiFi network coverage. Which is why GoSat needs to provide flexible solutions to everyone.

And that’s exactly what GoSat is doing.

A bigger, faster and more stable WiFi thanks to GoSat

GoSat is proud to provide to his customers a reliable Wifi, no matter the size of its home or office.

Indeed, if your WiFi networks needs to be extended, just ask GoSat. We are taking care of everything.

The most important part of your network is your Router/Modem. This device receives internet and spreads WiFi. The average range of a Router is around 50 meters indoor. But if you need to spread WiFi to more than 50 meters, you need to extends your signal.



At GoSat, we made it possible.

Indeed, you will just need to ask for a second router and our installation team will take care of everything.

And we can make sure than the second router can repeat the signal of the first one.

Thanks to it, you can easily double the range of your WiFi signal. You can even add more routers to get a even higher range if you need it.


So either you work in a big office, or live in a big house, or even if you need to cover multiple houses with your WiFi network, GoSat is here for you. We made the range extension possible for you.

Your satisfaction is our priority

As your satisfaction is our first concern, we made sure that this solution is the best for you. In point of fact, your engineer team in United Kingdom made sure to make everything work. They installed it and tested it in their lab and ensure the feasibility and reliability of the installation. So now, you can enjoy a bigger, faster and more stable WiFi network, no matter how big your needs are. And that’s all thanks to GoSat.

If you are interested in GoSat services, you can visit GoSat Website.

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