A dedicated fast and reliable Internet connection is necessary for the Public Diplomacy of the US Embassy in Democratic Republic of Congo to provide the local population with updated information on the political, economic, cultural, education and social life of the USA and the world. Afrikanet provides the required bandwidth for a pleasant surf on the web, a smooth video streaming and high-standard video conferences.

The Information Resources Centre of the US Embassy Kinshasa has more than 70 persons per days who come daily to do their research. Readers, researches, professors, doctors are counting on a good internet connexion to properly carry out their research. The IRC is equipped with a library, inclusive electronic books are available, more than 20 computers and kindles are connected through the Afrikanet network. The IRC is opened to everyone and everyone who goes here uses the Internet. “This time, I can say that the speed and the reliability is spotless, we can do everything without any interruption or problem” has confessed M. Mbwesangolo, manager in a local company. “It is better than before, we are happy to work and to do our researches in such good conditions” has also declared M. Kubanga, civil engineer.

Before, the local providers were unable to provide a reliable and fast enough connection to work in real time, to download videos. Afrikanet’s task was then to provide a technology and equipments capable of supporting such a bandwidth need.

Another challenge for Afrikanet was in financing the project because, when you work with a public institution such as an embassy, they do not pay upfront. Afrikanet must finance the project,

which includes the equipment, the personnel and also the local contractors.


To set up such a project, qualified staff is needed. The required skills for this project include radio frequency engineering, VSAT certified technicians and a satellite telecommunications project management to ensure the smooth running of the project. In addition to its qualified personnel, Afrikanet also brings all its expertise and his partner network.

The engineer M. Musikingala, project controller for this one, entered this network by being trained by the Afrikanet team. Now capable of handling all the system, and delighted with the facilities in place, he declared:

“Afrikanet is not a small company, it is a big one. Now that I am aware of all they can propose, and seeing what they are doing in Africa, I truly recommend them. When you look Afrikanet in Oxford, you may see them as a small company with a small number of staff, but you have to look on the boats, on the seas, in the countries where there is people who is representing them et who are doing a great job” said M. Musikingala.

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