In order to maintain a standard of operation, the Ivorian National Bank “CNCE” (LA CAISSE NATIONALE DES CAISSES D’EPARGNE) called upon the expertise of Afrikanet for an interconnection of their network.   With an experience of over 16 years on the African telecommunication market, AFRIKANET, took a giant step in putting in place a HUB at the National head office in Abidjan-Plateau, Immeuble SMGL 11, Avenue Joseph Anoma Abidjan.


LA CAISSE D’EPARGNE (CNCE), is a proximity bank, with a banking services engine that supports vulnerable populations and is firmly committed to being a relay to the reconstruction policy of Ivory Coast.

It assists institutions in fulfilling their tasks such as:

  • The ADDR in the fulfillment of the process of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants
  • The ministry of culture in the fight against piracy of artistic works
  • The Department of Animal and Fishery Resources, in supporting the poultry sector.

The CNCE (Caisse Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne) in its vision and its ongoing quest for banking services, offers everyone innovative banking products:

  • Mobile Banking (banking by cell phone) allows anyone in any place to conduct banking operations without moving.
  • A single reference in the Ivory Coast, an innovation TRUCK MOBILE BANK is a bank that moves to go to meet people even in the remotest regions.


In order to maintain a smooth connectivity for the banking platform, AFRIKANET as an international Satellite Services provider last month May 2016, installed a 3.7m HUB at the CNCE head office in in Abidjan-Plateau, Immeuble SMGL 11, Avenue Joseph Anoma Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

This HUB is intended to facilitate the management of the platform and interconnection of remote agencies all over Ivory Coast.

Aligned to T11N Ku band Satellite, this HUB incorporates the latest technologies to permit the smooth functioning of Server–client base applications, inter-agency phone Calls etc. over the satellite.

AFRIKANET through its engineers, equally made a tour of Ivory Coast in order to interconnect 91 VSATs on remote agencies dispatched all over Ivory Coast to the Central HUB’s Network in Abidjan. This interconnection using Cisco Routers provides a platform for exchange of information from the head office and agencies.


In an expression by CNCE’s network engineer who went round with Afrikanet team: “We are amazed with Afrikanet’s deployment team. They portray professionalism, and work done is so esthetic. A dynamic team of engineers who are always ready for action. It is rare to see guys who will work without rest to achieve satisfactory results.  We are so impressed with them.”


Afrikanet has been on the African continent for over 15 year today and has been offering tailored solutions to fit every individual desires and global requirements.  Today Afrikanet is one of the international providers that has invested in infrastructures with partners to provide satisfactory services.

With our Current BACK TO SCHOOL PROMO with our MINI VSAT Product, we intend to facilitate, learning in the cheapest manner.  Until 30th October 2016, Afrikanet’s is breaking prices for our MINI VSAT to enable school, homes, small offices benefit from cheap and affordable connectivity to the internet.

Afrikanet is also gaining ground in the provision of Solar and renewable Energy. We offer cheap and tailored solar energy solutions to enable rural and urban homes stay electrified.   For more information contact us:

UK Head office,                                                            Cameroon                                       Ivory Coast

+44 1865 408 566                                                        +237 242 621 739                        +225 87 01 57 65

+44 1865 407 010                                                        +44 56 01 56 9712

Email: contact@afrikanet.net                                  cemac@afrikanet.net                   contact@solaraccess-ci.com

Written : Ivo Takah

©copyright 2016.


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