Solar Power comes to the Show Room

The new kind of solar product is now available in the Afrikanet’s Showroom in Cameroun. Soon, you could fit out your house with solar light or save money adding solar panels at your electric network. The Afrikanet’s Showroom has products for everyone. We will show you a large kind of cameras indoor, outdoor and of […]


AFRIKANET offering internet connectivity solution to car races

OVERVIEW Among all car races, Paris-Dakar is one of the most famous. Since 1978, this car race has gathered a lot of drivers and even more fans. Originally going from Paris to Dakar, the race path changed in 2009 and is now located in South America. Other championships are held throughout the world, such as the […]

Why choose Video surveillance for your business ?

CCTV systems enable fixed or mobile monitoring to government agencies, municipalities and businesses. These systems facilitate the capture, analysis, sharing and storing video. By eliminating cabling, high speed wireless technologies offer the possibility of placing cameras in a greater number of locations, more quickly. Sophisticated software applications with automated video analysis and easy file management dramatically reduce employee workload while facilitating rapid retrieval and reconstruction of events. Video […]


Visite d’Etat du Président de la République Ivoirien et 1er conseil des Ministres

Ce mercredi 20, le président Ivoirien Alassane OUATTARA est arrivée à Odienné pour  le 1er conseil des ministres. Nous sommes heureux d’avoir pu aider au bon déroulement de ce conseil en réhabilitant le site par une installation complète et en distribuant internet à l’aéroport afin d’accueillir dans de bonnes conditions le chef de l’Etat et […]