OVERVIEW Africa’s issue with low health care access is serious: one quarter of the global burden of disease is located in the African continent. However, Africa counts only 3% of the world’s healthcare workers. The lack of trained personnel and formation is affecting millions of people across the continent, especially when those people are living […]

AFRIKANET offering internet connectivity solution to car races

OVERVIEW Among all car races, Paris-Dakar is one of the most famous. Since 1978, this car race has gathered a lot of drivers and even more fans. Originally going from Paris to Dakar, the race path changed in 2009 and is now located in South America. Other championships are held throughout the world, such as the […]

The importance of Internet Today…

What Happens online in 60 seconds ? We can see that all over the year Internet becomes more and more important to people. More and more people tend to use the internet more often. This data are true all over the world. But in this data do you think there is a lot of people […]