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Afrikanet offer you a large panel of products, in order to allow you to be connected erverywhere. In office or at home be connected with our satellite equipments. Sleep and travel peacefully with our securities systems and go in green with solar energy.


The VSAT equipment is made up of 1.8m or 2.4m dish antenna, one BUC, one LNB, one modem and some cables and connectors.

antenna 1.8m or 2.4m1 buc 5w lnb c-bande modem1 X3
 Antenna 1.8m or 2.4m  BUC 5W  LNB C-band  Modem X3


According to special project, it’s possible to have bigger antenna, of 3.8m to 9.3m. The equipment is also bigger and more powerful.
For additional information or for a quotation, don’t hesitate to contact us.


The WAKAminiVSAT kit is composed of 3 boxes

  1.  1m antenna dish (or 1.20m)
  2.  IPmodem, iLNB, cables and accessories
  3.  Earthing kit.


Antenna Waka 1m.png Mount waka Modem et Ilnb waka
1m antenna dish Earthing kit IPModem, iLNB, cables and accessories


For more information about the equipment, contact us.


The standard pack of Hi!Ka Vsat solution is made up of 2 boxes:

  1.  Dish antenna with a minimum diameter of 74cm (or 98cm or 120cm);
  2.  Modem Ka (Hughes 9600), LnB/BUC and accessories.

NB: the equipment mentioned below will not be part of the pack:

Cables and connectors for the installation: 30M of RG6 cables, connectors for RG6 cables and wall hooks OD of 60mm

A mast to install antenna on a wall or on the floor.

Personalized packages are available on demand for example, wireless rooter or VOIP equipment.

Composition of the kit:


antennahi!ka modemhi!ka buchi!ka
Antenna 74cm Modem BUC


Depending on the coverage, if your place is located on the edge of the footprint you may use a bigger dish antenna and a bigger BUC/LNB to capture the signal.
For 98cm antenna Hi!Ka kit there are 3 boxes and for the 120cm antenna kit there are 4boxes.


Afrikanet offers a large range of products improving your internet networks and also allowing you spread the signal and increase the network coverage thanks to our Wifi and Wimax solutions.

You have the choice between several devices, especially from the Ubiquiti brand:


bullet-m-small nanostation-m-small rocket sector-small
Bullet M
Nanostation Rocket Sector Antenna
rocketdish-small sector-ac-small lightbeam-ac-product-group-small litebeam-m5-product-group-small
RocketDish Antenna AirMax Sector Antenna LiteBeam ac LiteBeam M5
rocketdish-liteweight-product-model-small powerbeam-small pb-m5-iso-group pb-ac-iso-group
RocketDish LW PowerBeam PowerBeam M5 ISO PowerBeam ac ISO
5ac-90hd-product-group-small nanobridge-m-small nanobeam-m-small nanobeamac-small
AirPrism Sector Antenna NanoBridge M
NanoBeam M NanoBeam ac
powerbeam-ac-small omni_small isobeam-product-group-small pbm10-small
PowerBeam ac AirMax Omni Antenna
IsoBeam PowerBridge M10
toughcablebox toughcablepro
TOUGHCable TOUGCable Pro

For more information about all the solutions, contact us.

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Afrikanet provides not only Internet solutions but also others ways to communicate such as the LRCP, Long Range Cordless Phone, which are phones allowing to communicate over long distance. There are several brands available: Senao, Engenius, Alcon and Voyager.

For more information on the products, contact us or go on: for all Senao’s and EnGenius’ products, and on for the brand Alcon.

Be safe with Afrikanet. We offer you a large range of security systems made of CCTV camera, which can adapt on any structure, and digital video recorder. Available for outdoor as for the interior, you simply have to choose. Our experts will help you implementing the security system that is most adapted to your project and your needs.

For more information or for to request a quotation, contact directly our team in charge: +237 242621739

Afrikanet goes green with solar energy solutions. You will find solar panels providing sustainable and clean electricity, floor lamps and projectors, and of course batteries, power inverters and other equipment. Solar water pumping systems are also available and our experts are here to advise you and develop your projects.  A large selection is waiting for you to go green too!

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Download and bring everywhere with you all the Afrikanet solutions, Find in the brochure all our services and products


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Afrikanet is a company headquartered in the United Kingdom, however it deals with other organisations across the world with a goal in mind: to reduce the digital divide existing between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
Afrikanet is proud to have partners all over the world and especially in Africa. Our main partners are:

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