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AirMax Omni


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Advanced Carrier-Class

PtMP Basestation Antenna

titaniumsector2Introducing the airMAX Titanium Sector, which continues the evolution of Ubiquiti’s best-in-class  sector antennas. Advanced  RF isolation and variable beamwidth titaniumsector3configuration put the Titanium Sector at the forefront  of sector antenna technology.

Reduced Co-Location


Drawing on Ubiquiti’s depth of electrical and mechanical engineering expertise, Ubiquiti has developed the airMAX Titanium Sector to be highly resistant to noise interference in co‑location deployments.

Adjustable Beamwidth Configuration

Having adjustable beamwidth options enhances scalability and streamlines inventory. The airMAX Titanium Sector may be custom configured for any deployment requiring a

Model            60°     90° 120°
AM-V2G-Ti 17 dBi 16 dBi 15 dBi
AM-V5G-Ti 21 dBi 20 dBi 19 dBi
AM-M-V5G-Ti 17 dBi 16 dBi 15 dBi


Antenna gain changes according to the configured beamwidth.

Increased Performance

The airMAX Titanium Sector was specifically engineered for optimal performance when paired with a Rocket™M Titanium.

  • 20% increase in performance with PtMP networks
  • Up to 90% performance improvement in a co‑location environment
  • Increased durability in harsh weather


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