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Afrikanet Oxford Consultech é uma empresa que oferece uma ampla gama de produtos e serviços em todo o mundo que vão desde telefones de longo alcance para acesso à internet. Nós podemos fornecê-lo com longo alcance telefones sem fio confiáveis, com distância varia vai até 200 km, bem como uma banda larga rápida e ilimitada ou até mesmo soluções de WiMAX se conectar com sua rede (s)! Clique nos ícones abaixo para saber mais sobre nossos produtos e serviços


Afrikanet has been providing internet access via satellite everywhere in Africa for over 15 years. Now, you have the possibility to call cheaply over a long distance  improve your network or carry out training.


Reliable and effective – the internet solutions for big organisations.


Specially created for the company, WAKA mini VSAT allows you to be connected everywhere even in isolated areas – it is the 3 in 1 internet solution.


Our Ka-Band Internet Solution is the best option for East African countries, for large organisations as well as small companies and households.


The cheapest and effective communication solution.Call everybody, even internationally, thanks to internet connection.


Afrikanet is offering GVF certified, VSAT training to all our  customers. But there are also many other training opportunities.


Several WLAN and WiMax solution to improve your network and make your internet experience better.


Afrikanet has been providing internet access via satellite everywhere in Africa for over 15 years. Thanks to a large range of solutions, we can connect the entire continent, from  large organisations to small ones households. This is possible thanks to the VSAT technology (Very Small Aperture Terminal) allowing reception of internet via satellite.

The VSAT solutions are divided under 3 names; VSAT (using C-band and Ku-band) which is more suited to structures such as banks, publics services or large companies; WAKAminiVSAT (using Ku-band), specially created for small and medium sized companies, as well as households; finally, Hi!Ka solution (using Ka band) for all budgets and needs, but only in East-Africa.

Moreover, thanks to the internet, Afrikanet provides VoIP Solution (Voice over IP, which is a phone service via the internet), specially with WAKAminiVSAT, which also allows TV access.

In addition, the company also sells internet wireless equipment, thus increasing the power of the signal to improve initial coverage.


VSAT, Very Small Aperture Terminal, is a communication system by bidirectional satellite.

This system allows receiving internet by satellite from 3 parts:

  • The Hub, network’s heart, a big antenna from 6 to 10m of diameter.
  • The Earth station, which represents the customer’s installation. Here, the antennas are smaller than the Hub, between 1 and 3m, but they can be bigger as required.
  • The satellite, which the relay point between both.

It uses frequencies of either the C or Ku-band depending on the needs and requirements of customers. And it is specially adapted for large organisations, such as the public services, banks or large companies. However, this technology can be used for households.

Viable and reliable, thanks to the C and Ku band, this service works without problem under heavy rain. You could connect everywhere, even in remote areas.

Vsat offers not only earthly solution but also maritime and air with suitable equipment.

Quick to install, you need only 2 weeks thanks to our experts.

Reliable, durable and effective, if you want to have Internet durably, choose VSAT.


WAKAminiVSAT, your internet solution by satellite 3 in 1:

Specially created for the small and medium company, WAKAminiVSAT allows you to be connected everywhere even in isolated areas. By using modern technologies and a speed of bandwidth adapted to your needs, you can right now surf on internet; receive local and international call at low cost and watch hundred TV channels.Waka Logo

It uses Ku-Band of the satellites Telstar – T11N and Eutelsat – 16A.

This solution offers you the flexibility which you need to develop your company. Benefit the reduction of your phone bills thanks to the Voip solution.


Perfect for family, you will enjoy a fast and quality internet connection directly at home. Talk with your friends and your family thanks to the VoIP phone, and relax in front of your favourite TV channels.

  •  Equipment at low cost
  •  No computer pointing software required
  •  Fast & automated commissioning of the terminal
  •  Easy antenna pointing


Hi!Ka Solution is the same technology as the VSAT system (Very Small Aperture Terminal), which allows to receive Internet by satellite by connecting a ground station (your infrastructure), an hub (the central station) and one satellite between them. The difference with other VSAT solutions is the frequency range used, the Ka Band, is more higher than the C-Band or the Ku-Band ( in emission from 27.5 to 31GHz and in reception from 17.3 to 21.2GHz) and so, it offers advantages in term of speed, data volume and price.

hika cover

The VSAT in Hi!Ka is an excellent choice for those who have a need for :

  • High speed internet directly from the satellite to your position;
  • Speed of up to 15Mbps in download;
  • Flexibility (pay per view);
  • Quality equipment for a very good price;

There are no obligations. When you buy Hi!Ka equipment, you don’t have to buy a subscription directly. After installation, you have the choice to activate with a subscription or to leave it out of service and activate when you would like to.

You have also the possibility to change the subscription at any time (by respecting a prior notice of one week prior to the beginning of the following month).

The installation must be done by approved certified professionals from our network or having a GVF certification to insure optimum safely service.



VoIP, Voice over IP is a system which allows the transfer of both voice and data via the internet network. The transmission process is the same as classical data.

The VoIP solution has several advantages for you:

  1. – It doesn’t need additional installation because it uses Internet network cabling, decreasing the maintenance expenses.
  2. – Moreover, the installation and management costs are smaller, making it easier to offer lower prices. And for users who have their own   internet connection, there are no internet fees between them, if they are using the same applications or a VoIP phone.
  3. – Then, if you don’t reduce your internet bill, you can at least optimize it. Indeed, the internet connection is rarely pushed at its maximum, particularly with an unlimited connection. This capacity can be used for VoIP. According to your internet connection, a classical landline phone can even become useless.
  4. – Finally, in a company, this system allows improving the productivity, as the employees could to use constantly internet and thus be called and make calls at any time with a really low rate.

The VoIP system is available with the WAKAminiVSAT solution.


Through Afrikanet Academy, you have the opportunity to train on the VSAT technology, certified GVF. This will allow you to implement VSAT solutions.

This Academy has for main goal, to develop African continent and in priority the communications.

For more information on all our training opportunities, click below:

Afrikanet Academy

You will find also many others trainings, among the following sectors :

  • Video surveillance,
  • Sustainable Development,
  • Solar Energy

Our expert teams in United Kingdom and Cameroon are at your service to answer any of your requests. Need information, help for installation or reparation/substitution of damaged equipment, we are here to help you.



As engineering consultants, specialised in providing internet by satellite, Afrikanet brings you a real expertise in the conception of project. Not only internet provider, we offer you also system adapted to your needs and projects in order to improve your network. Increase our network coverage and spread the signal, thanks to our wireless network solutions.

You have the choice between the WLAN solutions (Wireless Local Area Network), also called Wifi. These solutions are adapted to small areas, as well as houses or small company. And the WMAN solutions (Wireless Metropolitan Area Network), also called Wimax, which are appropriate to a big areas, like cities.

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