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It is Africa that will build the world of tomorrow “Mark Zuckerberg”

7 September 2016
Posted by:TFK Hermann in News and Events


On the occasion of his visit first visit to sub-Saharan Africa; Nigeria and Kenya, the founder of the American social network “Facebook”, Mark Zuckerberg has once again expressed his belief that the future of the world in general and the world of Information Technology and communication is in Africa. On his Facebook account, Zuckerberg said he was surprised by the breakthrough of mobile money in Africa and particularly in Kenya which dominates the African market of mobile payments. He was also impressed by the work of local developers to transform their environment.

“The future will be built in Africa. It’s inspiring to see how engineers are busy here to build businesses using mobile money and help their communities. What is striking is the entrepreneurial energy. I think when you try to build something, what matters most is your determination to succeed. It is in Africa that the future will be built, “said Mark Zuckerberg, at the end of his visit to the iHub of Nairobi, the most famous of Africa’s Innovation Centers.img_4472

Note that Mark Zuckerberg recent years wagered on developing its business on the continent. He recently launched Facebook in Hausa language, with the aim to specifically target the African community.

In the same vein, with his project called “” he aims at popularizing Internet access on the continent, making a basic version of Internet available for free.

Afrikanet being a key leader in the provision of satellite internet services in Africa, and working in the same logic as Facebook, makes internet affordable and accessible to all through OUR BACK TO SCHOOL PROMOTIONS on its Solution Waka mini VSAT. Afrikanet also facilitates access to electricity to the urban and rural population by offering lower cost solar energy solutions tailored to their needs and wallet.

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