Network structures in Africa is evolving  and it is a promising market for new technologies. Nowadays , you can have access to internet everywhere in Africa through different channels  like Vsat, fibre, DSL or 4G Lite. Thanks to the expansion of smart phones, you can have a rapid access to Internet almost  everywhere you go and  Internet users are always in the quest for new services and the VOD is the recent one.

VOD is the recent internet service that emerged in the market few years ago. VOD (video on demand) is a service which allows you to watch series, movies or listen to musics whenever, wherever you are,  on the go and at a low cost as long as  you have internet access. This market is growing rapidly  and this growth is due to the expansion of the Internet even in remote areas, giving the opportunity to VOD providers to easily reach their customers. Customers on the other hand, can benefit from flexible VOD offers which depends on their internet connection speed.

Netflix, the VOD pioneer, enters the african market last january. Eventhough it was already saturated with competitors such as  Showmax, VIDI, MTN FrontRow and IROKOTV. Showmax, the first Netflix’s competitor, launched its service in Africa 6 months earlier. Nonetheless , Netflix remains the first choice in the VOD preference surveys. Given that, both Netflix and Showmax offer basically the same service, upon which ground will you base your choice?

Are you looking for VOD service? please do not look any futher; Afrikanet will be glad to help you  access  this service through its satellite internet service. You will be able to watch your series or movies at no extra cost. Do not let your finance be an issue, our range of subscriptions are designed to fit your budget.

For more information, contact us at +44 1865408365 in Oxford, at +237 242621739 in Cameroon or by mail contact@afrikanet.net.


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