Low Frequency Broadband Wattmeterwith -40 dB sample port 2-200 MHz N Connectors and Carrying case


Frequency range 2-200 MHz
Full scale power ranges 5, 15, 50, 150 and 500 watts
Impedance, primary line 50 ohms nominal VSWR (max) 1.1:1
Accuracy (at 80% of full scale) +/- 7% with N connectors only
RF sampling port (44L1P) -40 dB +/-2 dB below total power (forward + reverse)
Connectors (input/output) (Quick-Change standard) N Female standard UHF, DIN, TNC, BNC optional
Sample port BNC Female
Dimensions (HWD) in. mm 6.625 x 4 x 3.25

168.3 x 101.6 x 82.6

Weight lbs (kg) 3  (1.36)
Features Requires no elements or “slugs”

No band switching

Measures 1 to 500 watts

5 power ranges

5 watt full scale range

Covers 2 – 200 MHz

Measures forward and reflected power

-40 dB RF sampling port

Shock-mounted meter

Low temperature operation

Quick-change connectors

Light weight:  3 LBS


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