« Nous connectons le Camerounais au haut débit en 1h »

Le président directeur général de GoSat explique ici le choix des régions de l’Ouest et du Littoral, non sans dévoiler sa stratégie de déploiement au Cameroun. Pourquoi avoir choisi les régions du Littoral et de l’Ouest pour lancer vos activités ? Aujourd’hui, le satellite qui est lancé par nos partenaires a son épicentre plutôt au […]


GoSat mis à l’épreuve : Ne manquez pas cela !

L’année 2017 marque un tournant dans l’histoire des télécommunications Camerounaise. En effet, à partir d’aujourd’hui une connexion internet de qualité ne sera plus un privilège. Grâce à l’avancée des technologies satellitaires offrant des connexions internet de très très haut-débit, Afrikanet a le plaisir de vous présenter, en partenariat avec Konnect Africa, son nouveau produit : GoSat. […]


Afrikanet unveils…GoSat! Our new solution to “Bring Africa worldwide”!

Born from the partnership between Afrikanet and Konnect Africa, we are happy to introduce you our new product, GoSat – using the brand new technology HTS allowing connexion speed 20 times faster than the existing technologies. Our brand new technology will soon be available starting with Cameroon and then expanding to the sub-Saharan Africa by […]

EUTELSAT, Cape Town, 14 November 2016.

Eutelsat unveils ‘KONNECT AFRICA’ brand for satellite broadband venture

A new identity for Eutelsat’s satellite broadband venture in advance of commercial launch of services in 2017 Cape Town, Paris, 15 November 2016 – Today’s launch at the Africacom event of the ‘Konnect Africa’ brand by Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL) marks a change in scope of the ‘Broadband for Africa’ venture set up […]

Konnect Africa set to reshape the satellite broadband industry

Konnect Africa set to reshape the satellite broadband industry

London, 6th June 2017 – With new-generation services starting today in Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Uganda, Konnect Africa is confirming its bold ambitions for Sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s innovative service offerings and products, included packaged offers inspired by ‘pay as you go’ models and Wi-Fi hotspots schemes, have already […]



As days unfold, Technology evolves and the world is gradually becoming a global village through several discoveries and innovations in all sectors. Since the discovery of the solar PV technology, Researchers and Technologists have not relented their effort in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of this technology. In line with these innovations in […]


Full Virtual Immersion : Next step in Technology

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user beyond belief and accepts it as a real environment. On a computer, virtual reality is primarily experienced through two of the five senses : Sight & Sounds. The simplest form of virtual reality is a 3D image that can be […]

[Trick/Astuce] What is a cookie? Qu’est ce qu’un cookie?

What is a cookie ? A cookie is a text file which is hiding itself in the hard disk without you seeing it. But how is it working? Let’s imagine you want to buy a new pair of shoes, you are surfing on the web for prices comparison. But while you were on these sites, you […]

Hotspot in the neighborhood

Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of internet connection all over the world. Wireless technology has widely spread lately and you can get connected almost anywhere; at home, at work, in libraries, schools, airports, hotels and even in some restaurants. The major advantage of Wi-Fi is that it is compatible with almost every operating system, game device […]

What is a VSAT ? / Qu’est ce que le VSAT ?

The Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a satellite communications system that is used to connect remote sites to International hubs in order to access the internet or share data within a company system. Satellites are used when a terrestrial solution is not conceivable and when it is also not possible to connect two points […]